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The Ancient Voice of the Whole

Leadership and Working Together Today

Team Connect

If the “Whole” Could Speak

Imagine if the whole of a human system could speak as an entity in its own right. A system like an organisation, a business or a decision making body. The whole has a voice and it can tell you something. What would it say? How could you listen and respond?

In systemic work with organisations and professional teams we learnt what the most ancient human civilisation knew:

  • The whole is more than the sum of the individual parts

  • The whole is reflected in each individual part

  • Listening to the whole can foster health, stability and aliveness

Therefore, if you are in an organisation, the team you work in has a voice for the whole team and the organisation has a voice for the whole organisation. What if the region your organisation operates in had a voice, or the whole country? Imagine what you could learn and how your team and organisation could develop as the society it operates within develops.

Sophisticated Aboriginal Governance

Recently I have been listening to Dr Mary Graham, an Aboriginal Elder and academic at the University of Queensland. I have learnt from Mary that Australian Aboriginal culture prior to colonisation, over tens of thousands of years developed a governing system to look after the land and the people in a way that was self- regulating and self- generating.

With over 250 different language groups that represented different social, political and geographical systems with no history of invasion into other’s territory, the capacity of the people to listen to the whole must have been very alive. It seems to me we, today, have something pretty significant to learn from this form of governance.

How does this apply to Team Connect and your Work Today?

We no longer live under this ancient style of governance but as human beings we still have the capacity to recognise and listen to the whole. That is exactly what we do in Team Connect, an online tool that helps you and your team reach its full potential.

So when we apply Team Connect we listen to the whole when we assess your team’s survey results. Everyone completes the survey individually and then we offer the whole team a feedback session. The session produces energy and shifts in the way you work together.

We look at:

  • Your relationship to your work

  • The patterns that operate within your team

  • The qualities of the whole team

  • Team Roles

  • Where you are right now in your work and where you would like to be

  • Direct questions about you and your work within this team

Like to know more?

I am a part of an international network of Team Connect facilitators and you can check us all out and discover more about the Team Connect service on the following website:

I am based in Australia and work here in my home country and other English speaking places. I would be happy to talk more to anyone who is curious.

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