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How It Works

A free consultation with Nina Ishtar can help ascertain what will work best according to your circumstances.  We can discuss a package of linked services or one service might clearly meet your needs.


I will provide you with a quotation for the recommended services

Organisations & Businesses 
Begin with the Leaders

To access services that work with the overall direction and success of a business or organisation, the work must begin with the leader or leadership team. This means the initial consultation will be at this level, before proceeding further.

 Individual Professional Development

If you want to work with your own professional development you can contact Reflective Systems direct for an initial consultation. The focus for individual work will be your specific  patterns and dynamics within the systems you belong to and how to move toward your full potential.



' Understanding how  history and patterns operate within professional systems and  accessing what life really! wants from us can  move us towards our highest  potential ' 

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