How It Works

You will need an initial one to one consultation with Nina Ishtar to ascertain what will work best according to your circumstances.  We will discuss a suggested package of systemic services to suit your needs.

For Business &
Organisation Leaders

To access services that work with the overall direction and success of a business or organization, the work must begin with the leader or leadership team. This means the initial consultation will be with this person or persons.

For Individuals

If you want to look at your own systemic issues in your professional and personal life you can contact Reflective Systems direct for this initial consultation. The focus for individual work will be your specific dynamics within the different systems you belong to.

For Consultants

Reflective Systems can assist consultants to ascertain the systemic role they fill when working with particular groups. This is not always obvious to you or the group and can make all the difference to your service and open up new markets.

For Groups

Many groups can benefit for example, community based, sporting and recreational groups and cooperatively living communities. Cooperative and collective styles of leadership are catered for.