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All services can be provided in person, Australia wide and quotations will include travel expenses from Perth, Western Australia. Individual coaching sessions can be provided via Skype, world-wide for no additional charge via this medium.

If you are a business or organisation considering accessing any of these services in-person, an initial consultation via Skype can help determine the best approach.



Available in person and via Skype

Systemic coaching is unlike other forms of professional life coaching as it is not about actions and goals. It is about the awareness of patterns and forces that have formed within your professional systems, which may be entangled and hindering progress. There may also be patterns that are assisting you.  Awareness of these positive patterns and their origins can be very useful for understanding where you are right now and for placing yourself in future systems, a great tool for professional planning.

Although systemic coaching does not focus on goals and actions you will benefit in a tangible way. Systemic work is concerned with how all individual elements affect each other within the system as a whole. You will discover a new perspective on what the system is wanting from you. You will begin to see your capacity to have greater freedom in making professional and personal life choices.

Individuals: $100 per session

Business and Organisation Leaders: $150 per session

Systemic constellations can be the missing link in problem solving. Rational analysis can provide you with pieces of the problem but never the whole picture. The constellation method is able to reveal the hidden dynamics that can be running the show, beneath the surface. Many people participate in the success or failure of a group, organisation or business, not only those who obviously belong to it but also customers, shareholders, competitors and affiliates.


Like a network they create a powerful “whole” that is more influential than individual parts. This “whole” functions as a living system whose dynamics can have a powerful effect that is not always in alignment with the decisions made by leaders and executives.

Half Day Service

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Independent and neutral facilitation can sometimes be the key to helping  your group progress through important periods of planning, when issues need to be discussed and decisions made to help you move forward.


If you are considering partnering with other stakeholders, objective expertise from outside the system can make all the difference to your collaborations success.

Businesses and Organisations: $200 per hour

Community / Not-for-Profit Groups: $150 per hour

How Constellations Work
The constellation method provides an overview of the current situation and offers insights into the invisible forces that may be creating obstacles or blockages. Bringing these forces into view can provide a deeper understanding into the functioning of the system you are working with.

Tensions that are preventing progress can become visible, for example difficulties between production and marketing, or between management and foreign affiliates. Sometimes a department or an individual is not aligned to the larger company context and this creates problems. Systemic constellations tap into the 'knowing field' of an organisation or business. As such, they complement the analytical, causal approach to business and organisational development and add a valuable new dimension.


The client observes an externalized view of the problem and with the guidance of a facilitator; the representatives for the individual elements of the system they are working with are set up. There are two main ways of facilitating constellations; 

  • Using symbols as representatives; a one to one process often on a table top

  • Using independent people as representatives; a small group setting


In both approaches the facilitator’s role is to guide movements and interactions between representatives to find the key to growth and success.

Origins of Constellations Work

The constellation field is an emerging, dynamic one. It has its origins in the work of German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. He focused predominantly on family systems but seeded constellations for other groups including business and organizations in 1995.

Whilst the underlying mechanisms at play in family systems can also be reflected in professional and community settings, there are important differences. Membership of a family is from birth to death; belonging to a community, organization or business is temporary and out of choice. The application of systemic constellation work in a group, business or organizational setting does not have a personal therapeutic aim but a professional, reflective one.


The Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands has been a world leader in broadening and advancing constellation and systemic work to suit the needs of businesses, organizations and individuals within them. The field in the Netherlands is well established and respected with a comprehensive range of constellation and systemic services assisting many communities, businesses and organizations each year.  Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Streider, Nina Ishtar's main teachers, are the founders of this Institute and continue to be leaders in the ongoing development of this work worldwide.


Reflective Systems builds upon these creative european origins and offers an individualized service to suit the needs of each new Australian client. This includes customizing a package of system dynamics techniques that meet your needs.