Nina Ishtar

Founder / Consultant

I have always been passionate about well being; mine and others. I have a deeply reflective nature and a refined ability to perceive. The diverse skills I have gathered over my career naturally come together when I do systemic work, facilitating health and success for individuals, businesses and organizations.
I have trained in System Dynamics in Organizations with the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. This Institute is a world leader in broadening and advancing constellation and systems work to suit the needs of businesses, organisations and the individuals within them.

Prior to this, I obtained a Diploma of Recreation that lead to over 30 years’ experience in the Education and Training System in Australia, working within and alongside schools, universities, TAFE colleges, private training providers and not for profit organizations.  My work included student service provision, teaching, research, project management, consultancy and facilitation. It was in this system my fascination and expertise with organizational and business development grew, particularly during a five year period as a partnership broker and facilitator.

In addition I have approximately twenty years’ experience in private practice in the health field as a Cranio Sacral therapist and teacher of Qigong. Today these distinct but connected parts of my career have merged to become Reflective Systems.