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Nina Ishtar

Founder / Consultant

Ever since I can remember, I would get on a bike and smile, no matter what! So when I travelled to the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands to train in System Dynamics in Organisations and then complete a Train the Trainer, I knew I had arrived at a special time and special place. Bikes everywhere, heaven! I am so grateful to have completed my systems training with the exceptional teachers and world leaders, Jan Jacob Stam, Bibi Schreuder, Barbara Hoogenboom and Dees van der Hoef

My first career, after completing a tertiary qualification, was in Recreation (lots of bikes!). Somewhat of a cultural choice, having grown up in the great outdoors of Australia and somewhat of a historical choice. My descendants were some of the early pioneers in the Australian outback, forging new beginnings and seeking new life. 


This  initial  career choice lead to over 35 years’ diverse experience in the Education and Training System in Australia; working within and alongside schools, universities, technical colleges, private training providers and not for profit organisations.


My work included personal development and adventure programs, student support services, teaching, research, project management, consultancy and facilitation.  It was in this system my fascination and expertise with organisational and business development grew, particularly during a five year period as a partnership broker and facilitator.

In the year 2000 I qualified as a Cranio- Sacral therapist and five years later as a teacher of Qigong. These distinct and connected parts of my career naturally came together to form my current business, Reflective Systems. I still smile when I get on a bike, and I love maintaining ongoing professional development links to the Bert Hellinger Institute and Jan Jacob Global in the Netherlands.

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