A System Dynamics Service for Businesses,
Organisations, Groups & Individuals

Nina Ishtar

Founder / Lead Consultant

“Nina’s Reflective System has the capacity to expose the underlying cause of blockages to progress. I found that working with Nina rapidly highlighted the points of reluctance that were limiting development. The process seemed unorthodox at first but it soon distilled the problem into a simple set of actions”.

Richard Keeler

Business Facilitator

Small Business Centre Great Southern

A new approach to decision making,
problem solving and professional development

Reflective Systems is unique consultancy service for the wellbeing and success of businesses, organizations, groups and individuals. Direct from the innovative principles and practices of the Netherlands and designed to suit the needs of the Australian community.

Key times for accessing assistance can include establishment periods for new services and businesses, transition points, when testing a new market, times of challenge or conflict, during planning and evaluating processes, or when you feel stuck and need something to help you move forward.

Leading Principles


Reflection is a critical component of success and wellbeing. Valuing it is at the heart of these services. Reflection can deepen and benefit from independent expertise and facilitation. Deep change comes from accepting how things are and understanding why they have come about. Honouring and acknowledging the past is an essential element in systemic work, one that is often overlooked in organisations and businesses, creating many problems.

When Systemic Work Is Most Helpful:
When the problem is long lasting
When the cause is not known or not clear
When the usual methods don't help
When energy is being drained out of the system


System dynamics is concerned with the inclusion of all elements as opposed to a focus on individual parts. How these parts interrelate when they come together determines the particular dynamics in that system. 



You will need an initial one to one consultation with Nina Ishtar to ascertain what will work best according to your circumstances. We will discuss a suggested package of systemic services to suit your needs.



Systemic Coaching

Systemic Constellations

Independent Group Facilitation