A System Dynamics Service for Businesses,
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Nina Ishtar

Founder / Consultant

“Nina’s Reflective System has the capacity to expose the underlying cause of blockages to progress. I found that working with Nina rapidly highlighted the points of reluctance that were limiting development. The process seemed unorthodox at first but it soon distilled the problem into a simple set of actions”.

Richard Keeler

Business Facilitator

Small Business Centre Great Southern

Assisting with Leadership, Decision Making,
Problem Solving and Professional Development

I provide a powerful means of understanding organisational and professional problems. I can assist leaders and individuals to find solutions, develop insights and meet the challenges of unpredictable climates and transformative times. I help clients to create healthy, successful professional lives and workplaces. I can suit the needs of most industry areas. I provide some on line assistance that can be accessed from wherever you are and I will travel to provide services, when viable. 

I help you work with an under utilized resource, Systemic Awareness; I'll explain more. Rational analysis can provide an essential part of the picture when leading organisations and businesses and developing individual professional lives. This often includes approaches such as strategic plans and business plans. These type of plans on their own, can sometimes be inadequate in really moving things forward to where the true potential and destiny of the company or individual lies. System Dynamic services can work well in conjunction with this planning, often revealing the hidden patterns that can be operating beneath the surface, significantly influencing outcomes.

Leading Principles


Reflection is a critical component of success and well being. Valuing it is at the heart of these services.

Providing a stable container that holds human connection, across paradigms, as a high priority can make all the difference to professional success. The deep change that is often required in the business world, as society evolves and develops comes from accepting how things are right now and understanding why they have come about. Honoring and acknowledging the past is an essential element in systems work and is often, ironically the key to future business success.

​​​The Origins of System Dynamics

System Dynamics is an emerging, and constantly growing field. It has its origins in the profound work of German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. He focused predominantly on family systems and a therapeutic tool known as family constellation. He seeded System Dynamics work for other groups including business and organizations in 1995. Since then a lot of expansion and development has occurred, with contributions from many people. The application of systems work in a business setting does not have a personal therapeutic aim but a professional, reflective one.

The Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands has made a major contribution and is a world leader in broadening and advancing constellation and systems work to suit the needs of businesses and organizations. Nina Ishtar is proud to have completed her System Dynamics training with this institute. Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Streider are the founders and were later joined by Barbara Hoogenboom. They continue to be leaders in the ongoing development of this work worldwide. Nina enjoys maintaining involvement with their professional development activities.

About System Dynamics

System Dynamics is concerned with the inclusion of all elements as opposed to a focus on individual parts. How these parts interrelate when they come together determines the particular dynamics in the system

How it Works

You will need an initial one-to-one consultation with Nina Ishtar to ascertain what will work best according to your circumstances. We will discuss a suggested package of systemic services to meet your needs. 


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